Eskolta: (n.) 1. A phonetic combination of the Latin words for school (schola) and listen (ausculto). 2. An organization dedicated to listening to the people in schools in order to help schools learn.

Putting STANDARDS on paper isn't enough. Giving students HIGH-STAKES TESTS isn't enough. If we want schools that will develop students who have the SKILLS TO SUCCEED when they graduate, who will be LIFELONG LEARNERS committed to self-improvement, who will be advocates for SOCIAL JUSTICE and active DEMOCRATIC CITIZENS, then we must RETHINK how we keep track of student progress. At Eskolta, we partner with schools and districts to re-imagine systems of assessment and evaluation for a better society.

Every day, more than 6000 students DROP OUT of high school. These students need schools that will RE-ENGAGE them, give them the structure and nurturing support to DISCOVER THEIR POTENTIAL, and help them become LIFELONG LEARNERS. These schools can’t look like the schools these students dropped out of. They need INNOVATIVE APPROACHES to rethinking the school day, the way students are assessed, the way they are informed of their progress, the way adults help them. Eskolta brings the experience of pioneers in the transfer school movement to make this potential a reality.

Our schools need GREAT EDUCATORS. But they also need great SYSTEM DESIGNERS, to develop ways of communicating and keeping track of key information; and great DATA ANALYSTS, turning all that information into something useful; and great FACILITATORS, making sure time to interpret that information is used productively; and great WRITERS AND EDITORS, turning those discussions into written materials you can use again and again. Let the educators focus on education. Eskolta helps with the rest.